Belly up to the hot sauce bar to sample their
spicy sauces from around the world. (It's
free!) The "tasting staff" entertains and
makes helpful suggestions while visitors try

Taking advantage of Key West's most
abundant natural resource, Key West
Legal uses oak barrels cured in
seawater. The residual sea salt
creates a smoother more flavorful

This small rescue and rehabilitation facility
offers a nature trail, which includes a
freshwater pond and two aviaries. It's also
a great spot for observing migratory birds
in both the fall and spring.

Don't leave Key West without seeing
the nightly Sunset Celebration on the
Mallory Square Dock where the crowd
is as colorful as the sky. Entertainers
like jugglers, tight-rope walkers and

This petting zoo may be located under the
detention center at Stock Island, but don’t
let that scare you away. This animal farm
is like no other in the nation. Home to 150
farm and exotic animals, it also has
another curious component – inmates.

The Key West Garden Club at Fort
West Martello is one of the island's last
remaining free tourist attractions. This
lush paradise is set in the remains of a
Civil War fort once used for target...
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in Key West!
Animal Park
(Petting Zoo)
Mallory Square
West Martello
The Southernmost

Is one of the most photographed parts of
Key West. The marker proudly states that
Cuba is just 90 miles away. The crowds get
busy during the day, so expect a wait in
order to snap a photo!
Key West
Key West
First Legal
Key West First
Legal Rum
Peppers of
Key West

Nowhere is Key West's lively spirit more
evident than in the city's cemetery. Cheeky
epitaphs like "I Told You I Was Sick" and
"At Least I Know Where He's Sleeping
Tonight" cover the gravestones.
Key West
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